We offer Data Forensics Investigations and Litigation Support Services in civil and criminal matters. We specialize in litigation support for a wide array of legal matters involving digital evidence. We provide our clients with a thorough analysis backed with accurate information to factually substantiate their case.

By utilizing the legal expertise and 20 years of computer experience complemented with advanced forensic tools and methods, we systematically identify, preserve, extract, analyze, interpret, document and present digital evidence. We can uncover e-mail communications, account information, file copying, attempted data destruction, account usage and other activities performed on computers, even if the data has been deleted or presumably destroyed.

We help you understand the types of data that should be collected for your particular matter, as well as the size and location of the potentially responsive data. As a result, you can make informed decisions when preparing for litigation. We also ensure that all collection methods are defensible in court and integrate seamlessly into downstream evidence processing systems.